Mythics synergy and effect question

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I was wondering how would “Skilled” (chest) be affected by “Discordance” (Any). Would it still boost primary skill (pierce) or would it boost the secondary (orb)?

I was also wondering, can any damage (say damage from reactor/orb from wiz) proc bleed, and is “raptured” boosting ALL damages done to target by 50% or only the bleeding damage.

Similarly, what constitutes a pierced target for “Exposed”. Is every target that my orb goes through considered “Pierced” and as such receives 50% extra damage from ALL sources?

Thank you in advance

skilled will boost pierce which is primary skill of sword(wiz) … discordance only change cooldown dmg (not so sure if this stil apply) , multi attack … it doesnt swith the primary and special skill itself

raptured should boost all ur dmg towards enemy who are bleeding … ex: ur hireling hit bleeds … ur main dmg should be boost upod hitting those bleeding mobs

With discordance, it changes cooldown, actual dmg and mana cost too as well as multi and extra attacks.

This means when I ise discordance, if I have gauntlet, my meteor will now do 150% dmg from blast.
With hero point, it becomes 300%.

Meteor can be affected by muti attack and extra attack at this point.

If you have 4 multi attack which means 1+(4*0.5), you give it 3x more dmg.

300% × 3 = 900% dmg. Cooldown of a primary skill blast though. Still not as much dmg as meteor wihout discordance. Orb is generally better with discordance for high dmg reasons though.

I believe skilled will only affect primary skill (blast from gauntlet for eg) even if you use discordance. Correct me if I’m wrong though.

As you already said, ruptured is must have for bleed build.

Discordance does go really good if you using chakram 300% dmg.

Orb can get 300%.

With multi attack 4 (and multilate), 1+(4*0.75) , this means 300% ×4 = 1200% dmg easily. Orb is spammable too at this point.

Reactor in 0.5 secs, 1200% ×1.625 = 1950% dmg for orb.

Living force lol. 1950% × 3.5 (250% dmg)= 6825% dmg.

Timewarp and cosmic power.

6825% × 1.9 = 12976.5% dmg.

Thats only the start of the build.

That is my next idea for fire shock build lol. I know it gonna get nerfed but whatevs.

Then it’s up to you from there. Rogue for crazy dmg ftw.

Edit: Just realized that chakram has 2 sec cooldown. Still, I can reduce it to one second and the orb is spammable each second with high dmg. Even if it isn’t spammed alot, it will still deal insane dmg.

You are correct. As stated in the dictionary, only Extra and Multi attacks get affected by Discordance.

And yes, rupture and exposed affect all damage. Everytime a projectile goes through an enemy, they are pierced. I am unsure if Living Force counts.

so the orb is considered as “piercing”? I’m trying to figure out the best possible mythic for my chest.

Never used discordance but it will change whirlwind or any special skill to be primary and multi and extra attacks will affect it?

discordance only affect mh special and primary skill … it will switch the cooldown of ur mh special and primary and also the dmg.

ex. earthshatter will no cooldown so u can spam it … but your normal atk from ur mh primary skil will have the cooldown earthshatter.
ex. if hammer primary skill got 300% earthshatter got 600% dmg … it will switch so basically earthshatter will have 300%dmg and primary will have 600% .
discordance multi and xtra atk effect
multiattack - inc dmg by 50% per number max 4 (correct me if im wrong)
xtraattack - chance to inc dmg

discordance does not effect oh special

You are correct. So if you used lets say Blast (which has a 150% Mod) and 4 Multi + 4 Extra, your special will do 450%~1050% per tic. Also I heard that there is a 0.5s minimum CD on Specials.

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ya der is 0.5 cd … it was a mistake when i said no cd that would be imbalance haha thank you

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