Mythology, Mythical, and Mythics Mythbusters

  1. I assume the answer is no, but I’ve learned to never assume: Does the “mythology” affix have any effect on mythics created with no actual skill proc that damages directly? I.e. “Fury” has higher damage when fury stored with the affix than without.

  2. I know many of the mythics were revamped, is there a resource that shows those changes? Or were the “skill” mythics simply changed into proc abilities, a la Cyclone, and the others left alone?

  3. I assume the Mythical set items have four slots to be able to craft a Mythic from them. Is the resulting item treated as a Mythic or a Legend?

  4. Are mythic skill procs treated as procs in terms of the Maelstrom set, which increases proc skill damage by 7.5% per rank? Again, I would assume yes, but I can’t see the game code.

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  1. affixes are not skills.
  2. nothing changed. They are procs.
  3. both. They become mythical legends similar to what happens when you use an obsidian.
  4. they are procs so yes.
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