I am currently playing around with a build, whereas the goal is to get as high HP and regain as possible. So, my thought was that my eternal unreal hood with Fleeting mythic, would apply to HP regen instead of HP regen while bloodmagic resource system is equipped. I know that works. But, will the legend affix “93% mythology” increase the 100% regen by an additional 93%? Would be awesome, thats for sure…

Nope it wont affect the regen. Mythology affix is only for increasing the damage of a mythic skill not the effectiveness of it. Sadly.

As I thought, unfortunately the perfectly rolled eternal is a waste for now. Ill save it though, in case it will change in a later update!

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Good luck to you good sir! :blush::blush::blush:

Well thank you :slight_smile:
Just got back in the game with the new ver :smiley:

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