Mythstone Merge

I’m not sure what the new “convert system” next patch is; but it would be interesting merging / combining 2 mythstones & using it on a single socket slot.

Hero (25% HP) + Mentor (25% MP) = New Mythstone
Boon (HP Leech) + Gift (MP Leech) = New Mythstone
Protest + Endow (or) Haste = New Mythstone.etc

These will be compatible with creating the skill mythstones like Cyclone & RockBlast granted the exact 4 mythstone matching and won’t work otherwise.

If the item has 2 socket slots; this will be successful.
Socket 1: Hero + Boon
Socket 2: Haste + Flight

Any combination with the 4 will work: Hero + Flight; Haste + Boon

However; if the item has 3 sockets & the sequence is broken; this will be unsuccessful.
Socket 1: Hero + Mentor
Socket 2: Haste + Boon
Socket 3: Flight

This will make items more unique with mythstones

mythic skills merge into one slot when you complete the mythstone slot to it so a mythstone merge for the sake of keeping extra slots is redundancy to a point.

The programming for this would be a nightmare.