Mythstone what to do

I’m wondering .after lvl 300 there is not much to do with mythstones .what is the use for stacking it
. . also crafted items how many stats can have it .6 ? 2 affixes 4 runes ?
Also question about base DMG .I’m at 340 map ep 8 and was able to pull 530k base damage and 20k HP to survive .but don’t see any difference from my friends char .he does even more DMG with only plus perma .I use gold vains .bloody and lgift with 85% glass cannon.

…make mythic items. Its so funny :smile: Golden veins set is usefull for looting. If you havent so much gold find on gear, dmg is not increase so much. I suggest you to use Plagued set with poison dmg. It takes to you lot of armor and lot of poison dot dmg…
Nadrojis stone and crystal is very usefull to…:wink:

Mythic items has higher weapon dmg ? Or same as the item without runes.
Currently use golden veins 8 6 blood magic .can hit 530k base dmg but don’t see any difference vs 200k base dmg almost Maxed gold find on gear 2 x 200 gold all set items greed 6x25 =150 and 50 legend gold and pet some 30%
With 185% item quality find its crystal find machine aboutl 360k damage still few slots to add

Base damage is just that, the base. If you have 100k base damage and no other damage affixes, you’re doing 100k per hit. If you have 100k base damage with capped crit chance and crit damage, you’re doing 450k per (majority of) hits. There’s much more to factor in than just base dmg.

Mythics do lots of different things, they are listed in your codex with the dictionary and feats etc.

Also, I don’t really understand half of the things that you said. :wink:

Is there a list of all the mythstone combination posted?

Yup, it can be found here