Nadroji bonus

Dear developers, could you give an example of how this bonus works?

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about nadroji bonus you need to nadroji set to activate it the nadroji bonus can only found at suit and helm not in the ring or amulet

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It makes you more likely to see magic and rare enemies:

I got this bonus. I don’t understand how it affects on enemy rarity.

thank you, @moxyll! how do you know what the chance of the enemy to be magical, epic or legendary?

For magic and rare enemies, they have a chance to spawn instead of normal enemies at any spawn point. Only the devs know the chances for that to happen.

Epic enemies spawn in specific locations: named minibosses at the end of 1-200 non-map floors, Cartographers, Enslavers, Shrine Guardians spawned with Hunter, Shrine Guardians from +Epic Enemies on maps, and the Kill Rare Enemies feat.

Legendary enemies only spawn upon completing the Kill 50 Epic Enemies feat.

Mythic enemies only spawn upon completing the Kill 10 Legendary Enemies feat.

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Unless this increases the chance for enslavers to spawn it seems pretty lackluster (at best), unless I’m missing something.