Nadroji for Wizard

Is there any good use of the Nadroji Items for Wizards? I dont think its worth to use it in any combination. Aby ideas what might be good enough to replace 2 perfectly crafted items (1 set + nadroji).

If u use a crafted set all epic affixes dmg/crit/etc… It isnt good to use that… I find nadroj useful when using other legends sets like permafrost, cosmic power, blood magic etc xD

Obviously its best to use the +set bonus but is there a set which is worth using (with nadroji) over 6 epic affix self rolled gear?

Cosmic power set worth it for me, i use with nadroj ring :smile: maybe on my warrior if i find it someday ill use with electrified

I recently found rhe amulet. Hm you think the regen is worth it? I thought about doing the toxic ring + nadroji amulet. I never did a poison build before. What weapon would you use? Staff? Any ither tipps for a poison build?

As main weapon my favorite is gauntlet, second staff, third sword and last wand xD but i havent tryed yet wich is better with poison hehe

For poison build, get items with magnify, use the druidic armor wich gives Ignore resists :smile: and the other pieces u may want to craft it or use any other u want

A few examples with some of my legends, im so lazy to craft a full epic item! XD