Nadroji or eternalized?

What’s better for farming eternals? Thanks

eternalized however you definitely want both :smile:

Yup as @Griffin012 said. To wear both,simply wear nadroji robe (or amulet or ring) then a hat with the eternalized set affix.

Also it’s worth noting to use your weapon woth crystalline to be used with eternalized and nadroji to get as many combination of legends possible. Crystalline (5) is great for increasing rarity of crystals (very crucial with patch 2.1) and increasing crystal legends chance by 250%.

Crystal legends are good because they make crafting so much easier, saving many obsidian.

Eternalized (5). Good if you want to collect eternals. Increases eternal legend chance by 250%. Eternals are good for builds (some of them) because of their 50% quality and double roll affixes (instead of 5k weapon dmg, 10k weapon dmg). Also if you dont want them, they are worth a good amount of ultra rare crystals, very good for crafting. You can also get eternals with crystal affix too (if you use crystalline).

Nadroji (5) is very good for increasing rare legend find by 62.5%. That is very good boost for looking for rare legends and pretty much needed if you need a specific rare legend. Goes well with eternalized and crystalline if you want eternal rare legend, eternal rare legend with crystal affix inside it or crystal rare legend.

The crystalline and eternalized already give 250% boosts. With treasured perk, it adds 300% to eternal legend and crystal legend chance.
This means you can have 550% chance to find crystal legends and eternal legends, the chance is huge.

Please note @jeddgonzales that these percentages aren’t actually solid. The 550% find is actually 5.5% chance in gameplay. 5.5% chance to find eternals and crystal legends is better than 1% chance for sure.

For rare legends, 62.5% chance is actually 0.625% chance I believe. Something like that. Better than the base value which is pretty low and I don’t remember.
Yea all of them are simply brilliant.

Thank you so much

Super glad too help out :grin: