Nadroji set questions

Before asking this question I have searched this forum clean so please no comments saying this specific topic has been posted cuz its simply not true.

What is the lowest floor you guys have found nadrojis and was it a map or reg floor. Thank you.

Just cause you didn’t find it with search, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist, cause it does. As a matter of fact, its in the thread you posted in but didn’t bother to read before starting a new thread. :frowning:

But I digress, I think they have been found as low as 100 on regular floors. Its not precisely known, just as it says in your codex. But if they can be found at 100, there is no reason to go any lower, cause 100 is the lowest floor where its still possible to get the top tier CS and MS.

Now i have 5 nads, 3 rings 2 pendants. 1st ring found carto map ep8 floor 250+, if my memory served me right, the other 4 on regular maps 100+ ep8. Just found them recently with 200% item found and a lot of luck on gear, though i haven’t capped my luck to 650 yet.

I wanted more than one guys opinion

I got one on floor 156, I think it should be around floor 150. Nadrojis are quite rare, so don’t be surprise when you can’t find one :smile:

Ep1 103… Challenge map. Im lvl 70 at that time… Got necklace and ring under 200 floors…

EP8. Cartographer Maps 100-105; Necklace one

pre cs/ms, sold my nadro ring and amulet cuz they were warriors, dont know if they had +2sets then. back on topic, i found mine at 107ep8, as people said in this thread it is random. just stack itemfind and luck and cross your fingers, and clench ur buttchecks as legendary amulets and rings drop

They can be found also below lvl 100 ep 1.

Thanks guys I’m complete on my war just need that ring