Nadroji stack?

guys i equipped 2 nadorji acesories, , 1 nadroji(6)=67.5%
so does it stack? i mean do i have 135% in total?? tnx in advance

No, the number is the total bonus from your equiped items and “+ all sets”. So you have only 6x nadroji = 67.5%.

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wow, 6 items nadroji :astonished:

Where can you get them?

he gets 4 out of 6 from 2x the affix “+ all sets” so he actually have 2 nadroji items and 2x affix for all sets making it 6

oh tnx guys so i can remove that 1 nadroji tnx tnx tnx. and chance it to a better affix tnx