Nadroji vs Item drop%

so after a few more weeks of farming, finally got some decent farming items. my question is, which should i prioritize more between item drop% and legend drops (nadroji)?

recently i just got an eternal amulet with +10 fortune and +8~ish pickup radius (forgot the name). along with 20 heroics in fortune, an immortal flint w/ +5 fortune, an armor piece with +2 fortune (the one with adventure for a set affix) and a fortuna ring w/ +5 fortune, im up at 42 fortune with +100% item drops (weird though, if one point of fortune = 2.5 in luck, gold find and item drops, shouldn’t i get 105% instead of just 100? is this a bug or what?).

basically, would this be better than if i would use the nadroji ring at the expense of lower item drop% (because i’d have to take off +5 fortune from fortuna ring)?

thanks in advance.

nadroji is rare, item drops can be crafted using Ruby so if you don’t have nadroji from other source (robe, head, ring or amulet) it’s better to go with it.