In which floor does everyone get your Nadroji ring and amulet? I have a set of Nadroji +7, but can’t get more Nadroji items…

Any floor. You just need nadroji +7 and pray to the RNG GODS! :smirk: Also I think future questions should be asked in question thread or whatever you feel is right for you.

okay… Thanks

Do you mean you need an Nadroji to find … a Nadroji?
Is there a way to find a Nadroji (in wich type of map) to begin with?


I recommend floor 100+. Preferably max Luck and % Item Drops. Nadroji Set affixes are not needed to get these Items. It will just increase your chance of getting one.

Ok thanks
i will try te be lucky :sweat_smile:

I have max luck and item drops… And a Nadroji set 7… Still no luck… :disappointed_relieved:

at least you have 1 nadroji :wink:
I got none :sob:

Good luck! you will get it.

Yeah!!! I got another Nadroji ring!