how to remove nadroji afix from a crystal nadroji’s stone i what to change it into battle mage. is that possible? sorry im newbie

Yes, Set affixes are removable by Kryanite

thanks but how can i put another afix like that again (not nadroji)? :blush:

You’ll have to use Amethyst. Just be mindful that there are sets not available. If you want to get Battle Mage you have to make sure that the ring is for wizard

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Thank you. I will try it now thanks again. :relaxed:

lol, newbie asking and when get answer, “i will try it now” mean have amethyst or maybe alot of it, haha. good luck.

OMG dont remove Nadroji its one of the rarest farming items
i only got one Nadrojis (1Acc F 380 P6 and 2ACC F 200 P6)…

I beleive he is after the +2 sets. Besides Nadroji cap drops like crazy

not only cap lol. every nadroji part drop like crazy, barely to take all, normally i will just sale any part with lowest quality and replace it with the new one lol.

Lol what i got more 20 times more eternal then nadroji …

i guess u will go crazy if u see what i have on each toon bag. lol.

i saw someone on the arena with eternal nadroji. what is that xD

Bahh… several new players seems nadroji set easily !

But me never finding those item on caped luck and item drop and i always reapeat on floor 181-200, from Normal or M3 depend on my mood, but they never show up just a lot of ton garbage same item legends that l always sell or convert…
Maann… I give up now !

I better play shark evolution for stress relief :smile: