Name character

i have just purchased a character slot because i want to play the warrior class and support the awesome game.
but i have a problem with the name of my new character. with my wizard i could assigned name but with my new character i dont find to rename him. his name is now OAKEN.
how can i rename him?

and another thing is with my new warrior i find relics although i find all of them with my wizard. i think this is a bug

You can rename each character that you have, but first you need to connect to the leaderboard for that character.

So if you were playing as your wizard and have started a new warrior, just return to the main menu, press the leaderboard button and you should be shown a screen asking you to name your character. After you do this you will also have leaderboard placement for your new character class.

After you create the new character name just make sure that you play the game as well to trigger the save process. This will make sure that you keep that character name.

As for the relics still appearing for the new character I will test that on our end.

Thanks for posting and THANK YOU for your support!