Natural justice bug?

My friend sent me his codex about natural justice, why he has ed% on his ring while mine is just str and intel?

Your friend has not the latest DQ version - his codex version is wrong.

hi sir where to find other patch notes? for 2.0.6 and up

I see, so if he update his DQ, the said ring will turn into str and intel or it will be permanent with ED %?

The ring will stay the same.


hello sir i only found patch 2.0

OMG :open_mouth: now i jealous @.@

There are no others.

oh sorry how stupid of me may i say abug here or im gonna create a topic about a bug
im to lazy to create maybe im just gonna reply here if not possible im gonna create a topic sorry for my grammar

Start a new topic please.

Okay im gonna create it now sorry for this

Is there any way to get back on that version which that ring has ED % sir? :confused:

i think what refia mean is, natural justice in your friend version. is still str and int. The codex is just wrong. so if your friend update his game to new ver. the codex will show the correct one. (that what i think lol) or maybe the chest really drop natural justice with +ED% legend lol

nono, the str intel ring is mine, my dq is on it’s latest version Deym I want those xD

He said your friend Codex wrong. mean your friend narural justice should have str and int if he found it on chest.

No, he actually has ED % on his ring.

okay im jealous lol