What is Nature ? I used beryl nothing has changed???

Nature is the little “of word” that is at the end of an items name they give small buffs :smile:

Thank you Mr. Griffin. I am level 80+ , what items should I use? for farming or for leveling? I am a rogue. Some players are dealing 40M damage but they are only level 80 also. why is that? Ive been playing for a week,

I would suggest using some nadroji gear and some plagued or frozen gear early on since it will help you deal a lot more damage and the reason they deal so much damage is dungeon quest is a lot more about the gear you make then the level you actually are so the progression is more about finding rare crystals and crafting powerful gear :smile:

Im sorry for bothering you. Can I get nadroji items on floor 100+ Normal level? LOL. Some players advice Mythic 3 but I only deal 140k damage lol.

Yup you can find them on normal difficulty 100+ reaching mythic 3 is very important later on to get some of the legends there but early on there’s just no way to handle it with out building your character up first and don’t worry you’re not bothering me :smile:

does Ignis drops nadrojis? or the epic mobs do? last question, It is much better to use guns on farming? :smiley: Thank you!

How bout on crafting mythics, is it okay to use any level of four slots items? or should I use a high level epic 4 slot?

The bosses don’t as far as I am aware but yup epic mobs do they’re the only type of enemies that can drop nadroji gear actually, all weapons are good for farming and either works fine but using higher level items will save you some time :smile: