Need a Senpai for my ugly wiz @@

Not a wiz fan until wild clogon appeared! @@ can someone help me tweak this noob wiz.

if u want it to be same like clogon. then u need to wait for him. (if he want to tell u lol)

Rofl that’s hopeless. No chance to copy his build. Any suggestions what to keep and what to remove?:confused:

how long u been play DQ.?

You need to be a pretty boy to do it :joy:
I think Clogon will be inactive for a while more as he said he was going to have a surgery.

I think you don’t need high voltage though as a lot of eternal players has stun immune.
what’s your hp total and power at pvp?

btw the way u predict clogon build is wrong, i can tell just by looking at your affix lol. Clogon is crafter & have a very high knowledge of DQ. all of his item have link and sycn to each other. if u want predict and build just like his. u need to consider every single thing of his equipment…

@cronos4321 like months dunno exactly, why? I know im noob :frowning:

@Emman rofl bro, need your guidance hohoho paralyze is not different than stun? Theres no paralyze immune.

Nah i made this my as my own version i just got the idea of aftermaths and summon from him. I wanna tank then kill’em with taunt+fear.

1 month player. with full perfect roll. hahaha so excited to see what u have in your inventory lol.

Er months bro months. With a “S” on month ROFL

oh okay, sorry for that haha still wish to see what u have in ur inventory lol.

That’s so irrelevant to my post, ask admins to check it out, not you. :joy:

“Wish” not asking u to show it lol. it just wish.

My bad @@. Btw I admire your Aphrodite :stuck_out_tongue:

Perfect rolls how u do that. -.- want those rolls.

oh that Aphrodite ia just regular rogue build… i think its normal for rogue assasin like that. nothing special about it.

Its just he can reach my bow type @@

what do u mean.?

Blink strike is op

well ur blinkstrike can reach me unlike other player i can hit n run :confused: