Need Advanced Suggestions with my Rogue (Gunner(MAIN), Archer, Blader)


First of all, here’s my set of equipment i wear with their corresponding affixes.
Mainhand and Amulet is optional. (Ruby/Topaz are used by adjustments of my equips and it is uploaded thru cloud.)
I was planning to delete one affix in one equip for sacrifice by replacing mythical affix like Effective/Draught (Ring) , Skilled (Chest) , Serenity (Headgear) , and Nova (OH).

Reminder: After reading my build, i need some advanced suggestions so I can change some of them to improve my build. And will be the sign as a suggestion also for the versatile build for rogues. Thank You.

Offhand : Supercell
Aethereal Drain
28.4% Crushing Blow (blue)
2% HP on Hit
49.2% Item Drops
+2 Multi Attack
+95.9% elem cit dmg

Chest : Pioneer’s Coat
75% Max HP (blue)
27.4 Elemental Critical
14.2% Move Speed
23.5% Bomb Proc
+10 Scattershot

Cap: Skull/Bones
+208.9 Crit Damage (blue)
+45.6% Item Drops
+100% elem crit dmg
+10 Scattershot
+14.8% Crit Chance

Ring: Fortuna
Satyr’s Spirit
+45% Reduce Cooldown (blue)
Ignore Resist
+5000 elem dmg
+7500 hp
+75% Gold Find


GUNNER (Farm/PVP TYPE) - Scattershot Type
Mainhand (Gunner): Plunderbuss
+216.4 Gold Find (blue)
+24.3% special
+49.4% item Drops
+5000 weapon dmg
+100% weapon dmg%
Amulet: Frightening Choker
+2set from elix
97% elem dmg
24.6% specialist
225% luck (blue)


ARCHER (EXP Mythic 3/PVP Guidedshot Type)
Mainhand (Bow):
+4 Extra Attack from Zenith
+10 Guided Shot
+97% elem crit dmg
+5000 weapon dmg
+100% weapon dmg%
Amulet: Frightening Choker
+2set from elix
97% elem dmg
+10 Guidedshot
+41.4% resource cost

BLADER (New and Undecided Type)
Mainhand (Dagger):
Scoundrel (to maintain mainhand skills)
+4 Extra Attack from Zenith (requested)
+10 Quick Attack
+5000 weapon dmg
+180% weapon dmg% (red)
Amulet: Frightening Choker
+2set from elix
+23% Twister Proc
+10 Quickattack
+97% Elem Dmg

Happy Playing and More Power to Dungeon Quest. Thank you again.

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Well mate, the question is, do you want the build for PvP or PvE?

It’s more of a PvE build.

It’s somewhat harsh to say it, but your build is a mess!

It’s very hard to follow up what idea you had to make this build and not using images of your items even worse it…

But I can answer some things:

  • Don’t use effective, unless you’re planing to use weaken. Ignore resist is overrall better than it.
  • Draught is a big deal, you may consider using it. I only don’t like it too much cause it needs an often clicking behavior.
  • Skilled is definitelly good. Get it for bow build. Useless for bucanner build.
  • I don’t see too much point about serenity unless you crit very often, what I don’t see on your build.
  • Nova? I would use it for dagger build, otherwise it is useless.
  • Aether Drain isn’t too much useful… Use legend element crit and put another affix here.
  • Demonic is too circunstancial, you may consider another affix here.
  • For any PVE build, crushing flames is definitelly good, cause DMG become a secondary point, you will find it very useful for saving several slots, which you can put farming/exp stats.

I hope I could help you.

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Actually demonic is a great PvE set affix and best used with set affixes like Frozen or other spike damage mechanics but that’s about it really. I mean demonic and crushing flames is an option but demonic is more of a spike damage thing like Relentless , execute DMG, etc. You still deal a ton of damage though when their HP is below 25% and best paired with frozen . Can be used with crushing flames but not always.

Serenity is almost useless as a mythic for MP on hit as you can do that easily with a simple epic affix and MP Regen in general. The head mythic slot has better mythics than serenity anyway and it depends on the build.

Nova. It works but it is a proc chance and you’re generally better off with 30% elemental crit . It is good at close up attacks though and it can definitely do nicely with crushing flames or Frozen . It’s not useless and it definitely can be pretty useful , but it depends on build. Dagger build- yes.
Similar point with aethereal drain as it’s just a set slot to elemental crit and you’re better off with a legend affix for elemental crit with the set affix for something else.

Drought is a nice mythic and the only disadvantage is the click to use constantly . Good with momentum and adventurer paired with momentum.