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so i’ve been farming for a while now and i thought i’d do some evaluating. after foraging through my inventory i stumbled upon a head piece with crystalline set affix–but for a warrior–which i didn’t notice before. anyway, i’ve been thinking about jaspering it over, but i only have like, two jaspers lol. should i do it anyway? also, i’ve been meaning to reroll some legend affixes on some of my equips to further better my farming (things like item drops and whatnot), but since i started farming like a few weeks ago, i don’t have much resources. the following pic shows the item in question and my CS stash–which isn’t a lot, really.

Well, if you don’t have other Crystalline items yet and want to use that, then go ahead. It will help improve your crystal drops and finding crystal items. :smile:

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Or u can make a war with that An use it war an a rare item dropper with that. Myself I have a crystalline hammer an head peice. With nadroji ring an amulet with +2 sets an set numbers. Which makes my (6)crystalline

hey again, and happy holidays!

kinda need some help again with my current farming equipment to improve efficiency. this is gonna be quite a while so please bear with me, thanks.

anyway, currently (at the time of posting) this is my current set up:

along with that, here’s my current CS/MS stash:

***some notes on the equipment:

  • as shown on the pics, four of the items are for farming namely the immortal pistol (eternalized), gemmed crown (crystalline), nadroji ring and the eternal isis–three of which have fortune+. along with 20 hero points in fortune that brings me to a total 40 fortune. you may also have noticed that the pistol, head piece, ring and bomb have the luck nature, so that’s 25% x 4 = 100% luck. overall, this leaves me with about 200% luck, 273% gold find and 100% item drops–which isn’t a lot as you can tell.

  • for the other equipment, the bomb i use because it’s got HP/MP on hit–my only source of regeneration. with the chest piece, it’s my main source of damage thanks to storm proc, although it also complements the bomb in terms of regen with its HP on hit and Intelligence +5 which gives mp regen. also note that i rely on the talents of the head piece (relentless) and the amulet (darkness) which contribute to my damage over time (but not greatly…).

next, here are some items which i deem farming related:

not sure on which ones i should really use, if any, but that’s why i’m asking lol :stuck_out_tongue: (on a side note, you may have noticed i have multiples of some items. i can’t decide which to scrap so i thought i’d just hold onto them for now, though it’s costing me some space lol. if you guys can help me out on that one as well, i’d appreciate it).

and with that, i’m open to any suggestions that will help better my farming (please note though the limited amount of high tier CS/MS that i have, especially high tier MS (i can’t craft high tier mythics. i’m looking at you time, elixer, zenith), obsidian, ruby and emerald (obviously it would be very inefficient for me to reroll affixes with low IQ)).

btw, i also found these babies here:

i’m not sure what to make of these so should i scrap them or keep them? regarding the eternal horn, can i jasper eternal items over? i’m kinda interested in it due to its affixes having great synergy however, if i do so, will the frenzy and zealous affixes stay? iirc those are talent affixes which, when jasper’d over also get converted -.- hopefully i’m wrong…

lastly, is it just me or are legend affixes impervious to sapphire? been trying to change some legend affixes to things like item drops but that doesn’t seem to be going too well for me.

and should i still keep collecting items with 4+ slots? they really eat up on my inventory lol. or should i just forget about that for now and focus on the betterment of my current gear?

given my current equips, items and CS/MS i have at hand, what can i do with them to further improve my farming efficiency? also, should i scrap the eternal, crystal and 4+ slotted items i have to clear up some space or should i hold on to them?

sorry for the wall of text. again, thanks in advance and happy holidays!!!