Need Advice

i have 6 slots available for affixes. the others i cant change. options are element damage, elemental crit damage, glasscannon, and movespeed. i already have vs and momentum. how would i max my damage with the options?

You may want to post your equip here so we can help

Here’s my equip. It’s not perfect yet. Planning to get deadly strike/crushing blow (hoping to get lucky) for the suit and removing frostbiting. Natures (1 luck & 5 strength). It’s a farming set so it’s 650% luck & gold find + 200 item drop% (w/ fortune skill lvl 20). I use bomb because i dont have insolence (100% fire dmg%) yet and but i still think i would keep using this one because of vault (makes it faster to go around the map). Genesis pet because its the most useful pet i have (aside from jester and scout legend pet). Will it be better if i change frozen to ascendant? Frozen is good in killing a lot of mobs but with %tnt on maps i die in an instant when near a box. How can i improve this one?

Do you have a hireling attacker?

Scrap Weaken. Pointless alongside Ignore Resist. Unless you can’t due to lack of means or fear of failure, which is understandable.

i don’t have hireling

i was trying to get deadly strike or crushing blow. i’ll be creating a new helm.

Another thing is you dont have Eternalized set ^^
Time to buy a hireling ^^

i’m planning on buying one wiz. i got 3 eternal 4 eternal items that can be good for a poison build but have to jasper 2 of them which is not yet allowed.