Need builds that reach high floors

Does anyone know a few links to some builds that can reach extremely high floors? Im struggling to find some

do a Search :mag: on Crushing Flames. Crushing Flames increases the DMG of Crushing Blow +50% per Rank. this is really good against Epic, Legend, & Mythic Monsters which take reduced DMG from Crushing Blow. and Crushing Blow recently went from reducing an enemies HP by 10% of its current health to 25% of its current health. because of this, Demonic Set, Electrified Set, or Execute Affix are used with Crushing Flames to increase DMG done when enemy health is at 25% or lower (as an enemies health goes down, Crushing Blow does less DMG, since it only takes a % of the enemies current health).

also, any Maps with Heal, use Larimar to change Heal to some other Map affix, because at higher floors, monsters can heal faster than even the highest DPS, even with Crushing Flames Builds.

you can do a Fire only Build, Fire and another Element, or Prismatic.

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How high of a floor do you think it can achieve? I just wanna make a build and just grind to see how high of a floor can be reached since i have enough obsidians to start doing the build finally

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I see a few on the leaderboards that are like at 15,000 floor that seem legit by who the people are but what build is possible to even reach that high of a floor honestly?

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well, first, the good thing about Crushing Flames is that it gets enemies Health down faster than anything else can, even on higher floors. the only downside to Crushing Flames is not only does it become less effective as the enemies Health goes down, it is also less effective against Tier 2 to 6 monsters (Magic, Rare, Epic, Legend, & Mythic).

also, the more multipliers to DMG your Build has, the more effective it becomes to take off the remaining Health of a monster left by Crushing Flames. I think a number of the Builds going to the higher floors use a combination of Crushing Flames & Frozen Set.

I also think floors 15k to around 25k M3 are about as high as I can see Legit Players getting, 50k to 100k is giving Legit Players the benefit of the doubt.

I have seen video of floors 4k to 5k with mention of floors 6k to 7k for updates.

I am getting close to floor 1400 M3 with a Crushing Flames Build that I keep tweaking to test out new ideas. it is based on my first CF Build, and I need to put a new MH with Legend ED% back on it, as I took it off for some reason. eventually, I will need to make a totally new CF Build for when it starts slowing down, probably around 1500 or 1600. I am actually trying to speed things up by just going to the Cartographer and going to the next floor.

Does crushing blow stack? Like if i have crushing blow lets say on my weapon and crushing blow on my ring does it stack or do i need only crushing blow on one?

Hey pyro I posted 3 different crushing flames builds on here, 2 for rogue, one for wizard. If you do a search you should be able to find them, or just look at my profile and you should find the builds, good luck!


Hey thank you so much!!! Ill check the rogue build out when i get off work.

Crushing Blow has a Cap of +60%, so you could put 1 +10% Epic CB on each of your Items for +60% total, or save space on one item and put one CB on your Pet. the 25% of Current Health in DMG doesn’t stack.

a Crystal Crushing Blow is +30%, which is like 3 Epic CB’s squashed into one space.

thx @Hida77 , I’ll take a look. I might have already seen them, but it doesn’t hurt to look again.

Edit: just took a look at the Builds you mentioned and I have posted on those Builds. they do a good job of using Crushing Flames to ruin a monsters day.

the Wizard version made me think of the mechanics of how Skull Shield works, both good & bad. and I found a Post I made about Arcane Elements Elemental Crit, Orbit, that it can cause Bleed if you have Bleed Chance on your Gears.

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