Need guide for my pve build

Hello, i need help to make rouge ninja+scoundriel

Any suggest , please welcome

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Let us to see your current build first,and we’ll try fix your build together

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Lets ask to Mr. @Golem , Mr. @Deathbro and others senior on this forum

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Maybe you have an idea to fix my Build bro?

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I personally think,
your build takes up too many slots for affixes and mythic skills which I don’t think is useful,
also if you do the calculations it seems that your build always runs out of mana to use skills, that’s why the HP & MP indicators always look dying,isnt it?
Ok first :
*we fix the resource system used a suitable combination for the resource system in my opinion is
-Druidic bonus
-topaz affix 500 HP regen

*We fix the arrangement of affixes, mythic skills and elements because we use druidic, we must use Toxic , and because we use Toxic/poison element, so use mythic
You will get multiple damage

third :
*The suitable talent is
-razored the rest is complementary, let you arrange it yourself
the key in this build is the Eternal Voute and the Scoundriel set, as I made before… This build doesn’t do a lot of damage, but with the right composition of mythics skills and talents, it can cause multiply damage that enough to play on a 400-900 m3 floor.
this build can clear the floor very quickly, because the purpose of this build is blink-blink-blink
I hope others also help you to give their opinion good luck :+1:


this looks like a good setup for a CB build, could help you farm high floors at high speed.

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well, Desperation Mythic should take care of Mana Problems, as long as you MP Regen matches the highest cost of the spells you are casting.

since you have Scoundrel Set, you may as well use a MH that does more damage than the dagger. the choices are Chakram & Bow. you might have to figure out the DPS for which is better, depending on their APS & damage . if the Flintlocks APS is high enough, it might give better DPS than the other weapons, even though it has the lowest damage.

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for this build I only use Quickattack and Vault skills, and indeed the HP & MP indicator is always below 50% and it makes me very uncomfortable, yes i have watched your video and its pretty good, I’ll think about it later

I have CB build with bow

woaah, this makes me want to ask again
Does the DPs on the Cakram still have an effect when we use the Scoundriel set(quickatk+bs)? and does it still need Cooldown reductions so that casting skills don’t delay too long? Desperation is quite helpful for me, but I don’t think it’s optimal… that’s why I need your help
But i think druidic bonus+Bloodmagic with machocism will work well
Yeah may be :sweat_smile:

DPS is just how much damage a skill does in a second. if you have a lot of Procs going off at the same time as the spells you’re casting, it’s possible to figure out the DPS of all of them together.

Cool Down doesn’t change between weapons, it’s based on each Skills CD, CD affix, and for some skills, their own CD reduction.

for APS & Damage, Dagger has a faster APS but lower Damage, where Chakram has a lower APS and higher Damage. Quick Attack has a 50% APS that gets added to Chakrams APS, I think. when I used Spell Sword on a Wand, the APS went from 2.5 to 2.1, so I think Scoundrel on Chakram would cause APS to go from 3 to 3.5. maybe.

just make sure you have enough HP when using BM & Masochism, and maybe some resource reduction if Druidic Bonus isn’t enough.


Equality+Druidic bonus+Masochism matching with bloodmagic
All talent wisdom

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Little advn
You dont need aspd 45%
Use angelic set+rapid cooldown/cd reduction

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Angelic doesn’t affect Cooldown, only APS.


Yes you’re right mr. @Golem
I mean, angelic instead of aspd(cyan) for quickattack


thanks for all your suggestions
Looks like this build is a bit complicated to fix
Im so confused myself how to start :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

haha, that why we play, so we can figure out what works and what doesn’t. and what sacrifices we are willing to make on one side of the Build to improve the other side of the Build.

my Wizard Ascending Build went through 4-5 major and maybe 20+ minor changes before I got all 6 Perks, just because I did a lot of experimenting as I Ascended.

My Wizard Farm Build went through minor & major changes, and I’m thinking of changing it again, the big change is going from using Weakness to Ignore Resist so I can add +45% Block on my OH for more defense.

and my Crushing Flames Floor Climbing Wizard is due for a change for climbing floors 2,000+.

Hey golem you seem pretty knowledgable on these things, is it posible to get harmony on an eternal unreal hood? Might have bumped into another hacker but im not sure. @Golem

the Unreal Head & MH Weapons are the only Eternal Items that can have Mythic Affixes.

the Mythitech Set Eternal Items end up with 1 Socket and 3 empty spaces if you try to place a Mythic Affix on them.