Need guide please

.need help for warrior…
.first of all, i apologise if my English are bad (this is not my fault because iam not an american) :grin:

.back to topic, this my results from farming at least 6 weeks and i need help for suggesting new equipments build for go to further floors with that resources…
.iam lil bit embarrassed but i say iam a totally free player, because i have no credit card…

.i hope someone with experience, humble and kindness will give me some guide…

-thakyou so much-


Firstly, nice job farming all of that, I’m not the only one who’s bored in lockdown :wink:

I think it will depend on your end goal, is this new build to magic find floors 500-1k, do you want a build that can take on any level and be invincible or would you rather base your build on your favourite skill(can be from any class, not just warrior)?

Hopefully this will make it easier to recommend a build, because there are so many different approaches to choose from - one of the things that make this game so great in the first place I think :slight_smile:


.oww thankyou for guide…:grin:

.lemme ask fast question, is pure dps damage can kill fast on 1000+ floor?? i mean it rely on CRT and CRD…
.because so far i play with crushing blow + crushing flames + explosive, at floor 650 it can kill carto under 10 sec but kill to mythic its need at least more than 2 minutes…
.idk if my resources is enough to make new build…


Crushing Flames and Crushing Blow is a really good combo for any floor and will definitely be worth keeping on your gear for now if you want to save your resources.

If you were pure DPS then you could kill fast on floor 1000, the damage formula can be a bit complicated and I’m still learning but you could try reading this:

Mid’s Guide on Damage Maximization [2.5] - Gameplay / Guides - Dungeon Quest Forums (

Hopefully it will give you a clearer understanding of how the DPS you want is calculated but I would say a good base weapon like Hammer for Warrior and different damage bonuses that you could think of stacking.

These are things like Push the Limit, Glasscannon, Barbarian, Elemental Crits like High Voltage (up to 100% damage on paralyzed enemies [from Shock elemental crit]) and ice works the same way, you can apply this easily with off hand skills like sprint or taunt.

Some talents in the warrior tree, in the red column have Bleed bonuses. As the elemental critical for fire is blistering, which causes enemies to bleed, it will work with the bleed-related affixes.

If you posted all of your items then it would be easier to suggest ideas as I think you’ve only posted your weapon and armour, hopefully that helps anyway


Unfortunately yep you really need a new build to go higher floor. The reason you are struggling with mythic enemy is because crushing blow chance decreases as the rarity of the enemy increases here is the article : Crushing Blow - #5 by SteigerBox

If you dont mind take a look at my farm build

It can delete mobs and even mythic enemy if you can group them which you need to target for pack size map

If you want to keep crushing flames then you can change the frozen set and do some tweaking because many of the procs are warrior skills.Explore some stuff and do experiments on your own cause that what gives DQ joy to play :+1:

You can keep your old build tho or take some inspirations on this build also you can search many other tips on the forum


.ok ill learn and farming again for awhile…
.i will focusing gathering more resources…
.thaks for guide…

.this my equipment sir…


.well in this case sir, ill stop rushing floor then…
.i will notice your suggestion, time for farming again…
.thakyou anyway for warn me about further floors…

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Hey thanks for posting your full gear.

You have a nice build here there’s only a few things I can suggest;

For survivability, you can craft Crystal Block on any Off Hand, and for using a shield you get a passive 10% block bonus.

The Dexterity skill will give 10% Dodge when maxed as well as some Cooldown reduction and movement speed. You also start with a passive 10% dodge so that’s 20% already without putting any on your gear.

As you have Fury I imagine you are using Smash to build up resource to cast Earthshatter? This might actually slow down your DPS because you aren’t casting Earthshatter as often as you normally would.

‘Effective’ mythic on your ring could also be swapped for ‘push the limit’ as you are using Weaken, effective will not give you a bigger damage boost than 50% from ‘Push the Limit’.

Adding an epic Weaken affix on your pet would also bring your total weaken % above 100 and cause it to be active for every hit.

It seems like you could make a new build if you wanted, and use this build for item farming. In which case there are many players and many guides on this forum who can help more specifically :slight_smile:


Farming Builds only really need to get to floor 500-510 of any difficulty level. maybe up to floor 1000-1210 for the really rare items, if you don’t get them with Dust instead… not to mention lots of Gold & Items, Crystals & Myth Stones.

Climbing Builds are for killing monsters as you climb floors and even higher floors… without dying that is.

Ascending Builds are for getting lots of Experience when you are working on getting all of the Perks. these Builds only need to get experience on floor 100-110, as experience from monsters stops going up at floor 100. you should only go to higher floors to get an item to improve your build.

PVP Builds are for fighting in Battle Arena.

at higher floors, HP, Armor, and Resistance become less effective the higher the floor you are on. Dodge, Block, Sanctuary, and other ways of not getting hit are better.

on your OH, change your Torrent to Taunt Skill. this way, you taunt your enemies to you, and then you can smash them with your Earth Shatter. if you do the timing right, you don’t have to worry about defense too much, Taunt is a Crowd Control (CC) effect for a short time.

I know you get a lot of Armor putting Stat Points into Health, but you might want to put 25 or 35 Points into Power. this will increase your damage a lot.

wow, good advice @anthonyc952421 , I hope some of my ideas will help also.


Thanks :slight_smile: I’m still learning and discovering things I hadn’t thought of while reading on the forums or codex thinking of ideas :smiley:


I have been playing for a few years, and I am still learning.

a Good Reflect Damage Build, learning how exactly Proc affixes work, making a lot of different Builds with as many different combinations as possible, things like that.

most of what I know is about Elementalist Wizards, with a little about anything else.


I imagine we won’t stop learning, I’ve not even thought about PvP yet but there are many differences to PvE I’d have to familiarize myself with.

Reflect damage sounds interesting actually, I’d have to do a bit of research on that though.

I know a little about a lot and not a whole lot about anything :wink:


.since you comments about block in other post sir, i have some questions…
.first can we make 100% block rate??
.sec is mixing block and armor are useful on pvp~pve??

.hopefully you will spend your precious time to answer my questions sir…

Hey there, looks like you’re ready to craft :smiley:

There is a way to get 100% Block, but only Warriors can do it.

Firstly, you need the Wizard set; ‘Epiphany’ (7) [3 Epiphany pieces; Helm, Ring, Amulet and + 4 all set on jewellery from Nadroji/Elixir].

Then you will have to include the talent ‘Bulwark’ on your Ring and also get another +20 from two epic ‘+10 Bulwark’ affixes.

There are also 5 pieces to put block affix on.
Revenge (Helmet), Frost Raven (Ring), Indra’s Boon (Armour), Lederer’s Lance (Lance), any OH can have crystal block as well. Also, shield OH for Warriors gives an extra +10% block.

With ‘Epiphany’ (7), your maximum block rate is 81% (you need probably 2 crystal block so you don’t restrict your build to items you’re only using for epic block). I use OH and Indra’s Boon Armour for 2x crystal block = 90%

‘Bulwark’ (40) will give you an extra 20% chance to block, when you block. So 81% plus 20% will give you 101% block rate (which is basically max block).

I haven’t experimented with Armour much, but I’m sure it’s not good in PvE and probably has some use in PvP - hopefully someone else can help you with PvP-related things.

Anyway I hope your crafts go well good luck! :slight_smile:


.nice, it will be great if I have pvp equipments…
.thakyou… :grin:


for the 100% Block Build for Warriors, Bulwark lasts for 5 seconds I believe, but I am not sure if it stays 100% as long as you continue to Block. if the Time for Bulwark ends, then you are back to 81% Block until you Block another attack.

as far as Block & Armor at the same time… on lower levels of PVE, or in PVP, you could use both, but that is taking up space. depending on the Build, it might be a good idea, but usually, either one or the other in PVE, with Dodge and/or Block better when you get to very high floors, but in PVP you could go both or just Armor/Resist, because the Caps are lowered in PVP, so Dodge & Block become weaker, although they are extra defense if you have the space.


.i guest i am not ready for pvp equipments…
.more far i play this more i realize playing this game need decent experience and high IQ… :laughing:
.its so excited…
.thakyou sir… :grin:


DQ :nerd_face:'s unite!