Need help about my new Eternal Pet


Guys i need some builds that my Cerberus can fit in, I just found this dog just today and my 3rd eternal pet Cerberus (Cosmic Power). Please reply ASAP



use wizard orb type + pathfinder


You’re lucky to have eternal pet :sob::sob::sob:


Yeah very, 3 Eternal pets in week. and Grinding floor on 101.


good job keep it up do you use boost?


Floor 101 spam requires less boost because you can finish it very quickly. It’s not the same as using boost but it is possible without boost.

But other did use boost, awesome! Enslaver spawn naturally there.

But that high Eternalized ftw


maybe got (8) + ascen?




Yeah. I found 3 Eternal pets there and 5 Legends. no boost just keep grinding, all you gotta do is Sit down and Grind some enslavers.


Im still at mythic ascend.


Treasured ascen inscreased eternal drop rate


Already ascended Treasured.


keep it up mate