Need help again :(

can someone guide what rouge build using boomerang to get on higher floors im on 450 fl. thanks

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My farm build if you use from floor 1k up☝that build i can call it (billion fold world).


thanks @HawkEye :slight_smile: this wud help hoping DQ could make a trade arena/shop so that rich/strong people could give nice items to us weaklings :slight_smile:

The main reason i love this game is thats its the only one that money wont buy every best pieces. People that goes high in arena or invent new build STILL requires MANY hours of farm just to be able to make a single build wich might result in a total fail. Then u farm again and try harder. Fortunat’y for the new people, many awesome working build are revealed all over the forum!

Keep up the farming!


hmm, well DQ is mostly focused on single player, so a trade arena/shop between players would take away from the game. the Dev’s have made it easy to just farm for what you need, with a shop you can buy some stuff with Gold if you really want to, but farming is the way to get from weakling to strongling!!!

I like the idea of pet swapping between players. Both players display pets. Each offer a pet for the others one they fancy. If both sides agree an exchange is made.

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Hi im new here can you share a rouge build for me thankzz :relieved::relaxed::relaxed:

but i don’t know if my build is good :frowning:

well, if you look at it one way, the Chakram Build you have now is good enough to get you to floor 450ish. if it starts to take longer to get to the next floors, or you die a lot, or both, then it is no longer good enough.

if you still want to use your Chakram Build to climb to higher floors when it isn’t doing a good job now, then you need to start changing things around. you know what doesn’t work, you know what you have has gotten you this far, and now you need to research and test what can take you further.

because players have different play styles, what works well for one player might not work for others, but those other players builds can give you an idea that helps you create a build for your play style.

without knowing what your build looks like, we can’t really give any good advice. all we know is that you have a Chakram build.

@LANCEDGTN what kind of Rogue Build are you looking for? Battle Arena, Farming, Climbing, or Ascending? also, if you search Rogue Builds, you can get a head start on ideas for what you are looking for before we all lead you astray with an idea you don’t like.

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@Golem what build to use i want to get on higher floors but having a harf time on floor 450+ always dying penalty is so expensive. i really need help also i can’t screenshot

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Block and dodge equals less dying :blush:

well, there are a lot of different ways to go. get 40 Skill Points into the 1 or 2 Skills you use the most. look for ways to survive, like a Stealth Build with Sanctuary, or +60% Dodge & Block with Sanctuary (or even higher if you have Epiphany), add Glasscanon and look into other ways to boost DMG. maybe put Earthquake Mythic on your MH, for more protection & DMG at short range while waiting for Boomerangs to come back to you.

to be honest, a lot of the ideas I got for improving my Builds to Climb floors came from just reading a lot of Posts & Threads.

one thing you know is that your build needs improving. compare what you have on your Equipment and then look in the Codex to see if there is anything better that you can use, and then search the Forum for info so you don’t make a lot of mistakes testing. bookmark the Posts that have really good info that you can use for when you have an idea for another build later.


@Golem knows everything . And it’s annoying :joy: But a better teacher you will never find :sunglasses:

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This is like Science to @Golem, he dissects it. Lol

Thank God for him, and you actually because you’re being humble about your great ideas and contributions , but ya it just astounds me how someone could know so gd much lol

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don’t stop! praise me more!! :face_with_monocle:

to be honest, I have read a lot of Posts & Threads, plus what little I have learned by playing and some testing, and a lot I have learned from making mistakes.

some information is good for any Class, and some can only be used for certain Classes or Builds.

I don’t really know everything about DQ (only the Dev’s do, I think. and Mod’s know more than any other 10 players put together).

besides, if you make a Build that doesn’t work, you tend to remember that so you don’t make the same mistake again, and that helps you go in the direction you need to go to make that Awesome Build.

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