Need help for rogue early game

I made a 2nd account to play rogue, any tip for early game ?

a second account or second Character Slot?

2nd account, idk how to make on app purchase and don’t want to bother with it

early game is all about leveling up and getting Loot. and not dying while doing that. all while using low and mid level items.

my friend who got me into DQ liked using Blinkstrike & Ricochet on his Rogue. I like using Chakram & Smokebomb. eventually, I want to try crafting a Flintlock Map Sweeper Build, and then a Blinkstrike Bomber.

I would say, just test as much Rogue Ideas as you can think of while leveling up to 99, that way, you’ll have an idea of what you would like your Level 99 Rouge to have on her Equipment.

ty, personnaly I prefer vial + flintlock. Gift mythstone helps with mana. Tested chackram and dagger too, as well as every OH

I really liked Rogue when I started playing DQ, but since Chakram was the only weapon I liked, and I didn’t really understand how to use it properly (Noob thinking), I went over to Wizard. I only recently have thought of using Sword & Wand, as I really liked using Staff & Gauntlet. I kind of really want to do many different combos, and see if the weaker damage weapons have hidden surprises on the DPS side of the Builds.

one thing I just thought of recently is when using Discordance, the Special uses Attack Speed. most players use the high damage weapons, but the lower damage weapons have higher APS. I plan on doing some tests…