Need help from advanced players!

Hello guys, I’m fairly new to the game so please bear with me. This is my PVE gears, i wanted to ask if there’s anything i can do to increase my damage output. I’m running floor 5xx M3, and doing crits damage with coatweapon at 10m-30m, sometimes 50m. How can I get hundreds of millions or maybe billions of damage? Is there something wrong with my build?

I’m open to any suggestion, advices. Take note i have enough ms/cs to tweak my gears if necessary. Good day!

Your main problem is you need to use more legends with damage boosting affixes that are drop only if you wish to reach the damage numbers you have described the affixes you will need to look out for are 100% elemental damage, 50% push the limit, and 50% barbarian also +5000 poison damage is actually a very weak damage boost and should be avoided in favour of otherdamage boosting affixes such as glasscanon, elemental critical, and elemental crit damage :smile:

I thought the 5000 poison damage and 5000 weapon damage is a good affix because i have seen many people using it and “suggesting” to get the affix.
Anyway, will elemental critical and elemental crit damage affect my damage at all? Because as i know it, elemental crits happens to skills like Poisoncloud or freezing or something, and as u can see, i only use Cataclysm ring for proc skills twister meteor etc and MH mythic skill CosmicOrb.

One more thing i want to ask, is Defiant set affix any good without Masochism set affix? Because Defiant increases dmg and reduces dmg take by 25% ‘AND’ 25% of total hp% missing.
I dont like to use masochism because my character will die when picking too many hp orbs lying on the ground all at once.

I’m sorry my english isn’t very good as it’s my second language :slight_smile:

+5000 weapon damage is an absolute requirement but +5000 poison damage is much weaker because of the way damage is calculated as for elemental criticals they can be caused by any skill as long as you have elemental crit chance and they will boost your damage output by triggering an additional skill that has various ways of increasing your damage further

Yes 25% damage is always good but I would agree that you should avoid masochism for now there will be a fix for it at some point in the future so that it will not be able to kill you :smile:

My greatest gratitude to you Griffin, you’ve been very helpful and informative not only to me but to all of us new players. People like you makes the community awesome!


Awwwww thank you :green_heart: May RNGesus bless you with sweet loot! :smile:

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