Need help hitting 100-500mil

Can anybody prefer anything on this build?

If you want to reach high damage with a poison build uxou need at least 4-5 times 100% poison damage items

How can I get that?

The 100% poison damage is legend affix, and cannot be obtained from Ruby, which means you would have to loot legend items that have Legend Affix Elemental Damage, such as Mutiny, Insolence, etc,etc.

remove gradiator change it to adventurer you can also put vampiric and momentum

Only one resource system will work so you hav to decide between bloodmagic and energy

What would be better blood magic or energy and if so what mythic should I change the bad one to get better damage?

energy for me

Blood magic goes well with Defiant Set and Push the Limit affix and if you’re a skill spammer. When I changed to Energy my resources got easily depleted coz of Push the Limit.

yup energy is not compatible at push to the limit but goes well at bm