Need help how to determine power in pvp

Because i always see warriors with about 300k health and still have 600 power and i wanna do that can some one help me?


Use ×7 +5000ed get at least 2-3 hp%(crystal affix) place vampiric touch, fauns gift , defiant ( depends on what u like) , battle mage or satyrs spirit for additional armour. Don’t ever use glass cannon unless you have mana shield and lots of mana.

I did that and i have 209k hp but power is only600

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Power in PvP is irrelevant. Dont know how Power was Computed.

Try to make 500k HP with 1000 Power Challenge. :smile:

Extrahot have like almost 400k hp and still has 800 power lol

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It’s not hard to get 800 power. 7× ED (especially eternal pet) 1-2× PTL, maybe add 1040 WD , etc. But it’s the raw damage that actually matters more. Even though he has 800 power, I deal more damage than he does.

I had 7x ed and 2x ptl and 1 barbarian yet my power is still 600

May latest Warrior have 605k HP and 600 Power (Pure DMG).

It doesnt matter if you have high Power but deals small DMG. Power is the total DMG Affix you put on gear (WD, ED, PtL, Barbarian, WD%, ED%, GC)

Putting many ED% is nothing in PvP as well as WD%

Its better to put
x7 ED, x1 WD on MH or OH, x2 PtL, x2 Glasscannon. = 1600+ Power (My Wizard Power) or change Glasscannon to Barbarian so HP will not be decrease.

Try putting multi attack and extra attack. It will increased power too

Just try it out the PVP for the 1st time yesterday, my wiz has 900 HP and 900 Power :blush:
Now just stuck at Mythic League top 4-6%, enemy seem much harder to win :joy: