Need help in deciding to salvage or convert

Im a newbie which have a warrior at 140 mythical 3 and rouge at 200 normal. Both hav the treasured perk nadroji ring and eternalised(5). Im wondering is it good to convert legends and eternal because all this while i have been salvaging it for dust. So what is a better option? Should i also just rush towards stage 500 easy with warrior for better loot?

First make your warrior tank as u can do as.Later start to climbing till as u can do as and stay for farming on the last floor u can pass.

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Salvage legends
Convert eternals

Farm 201 maps
(with 120% pack size,use larimar to roll affix)
repeat till you can use codex to craft 75 mil damage. ( Frozen+Plague easily achieves)

Move to 351 until you can hit 150 mil damage
Then farm 501 maps

Worked for me more or less
Also I use [5] crystalline and [5]externalize sets.

After that I’m lost lolz.
I’ll keep u updated tho xD


both cost Gold, so Gold is your limitation for either choice. also, it depends on whether you need Dust or Crystals. I barely use Dust, only when I am looking for a certain item for a build or testing, and have enough for awhile, so I just turn all Legend+ Items into Crystals.

I kept my dusts for eternalized and crystalline items.Except that one i just convert my crysyal and eternal items if i dont want them.I think its better than convert legends at least on early stage. Also u can get ultra rare crystals with convert eternals.So if u keep salvahe your legends can buy more eternals this mean more ultra rare crystals :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :star_struck:

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It’s best to salvage legend gears into dusts and convert crystal and eternal gears into ultra rare crystals. Salvaging legend gears only cost 45k each i think while converting them to rare crystals cost 250k each. You might not need to convert them into rare crystals because they are common drops on higher floors, so you can save your gold for converting crystal and eternal gears.
Most of the time, converting crystal and eternal gears is a must (unless they have nice affixes or they’re expensive to craft like eternal SDS), you don’t want to salvage them because first, they have higher chance to turn into obsidian, amethyst, or ruby, and secondly, they drop rarely. Conversion costs 500k each (oh boy!:dizzy_face: i got hard time on this before) so gold matters early in this game. Oh btw, don’t forget dealer perk, a great help on gold problem.

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salvaging for Dust is 5k gold per Dust, so level 1 Legend would have 1 Dust, 5k Gold to salvage, up to level 100 Legend which gives 5 Dust for 25k Gold to salvage.


Thx for all the help guys! @Alkahest what should i focus on now? Farming stage, push my stage or crafting better equiptment or ascending more?

Good Luck :v:

Focus first on ascending to activate at least three perks; treasured, fortunate, and dealer. These three are essential for farming; fortunate for permanent 200% luck and gold find (beyond cap), treasured for eternal and crystal item drop, and dealer for gold. Add sockets on your gears by zircon then use 6 quest mythstones for 200% exp gain. Adjust difficulty of floors and floor level to maximize exp gain and loot drops as much as you can clear each floor fast as possible. Floors just above or below 200 in mythic difficulty are best for leveling/ascending but what i did was i reduced the difficulty into legend and opened every floor map that cartographers drop to at least make some progress on hiking to floor 500. Pack sized maps are good for more exp too. Hope this will help you.

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