Need help in warrior gear

guys, i need help in warrior build. im currently at level 190. i cant kill malum, i always died. thanx:disappointed:

Farm A LOT hahah thats what i did keep on repeating and also dicovering cool builds. I dont actually follow the builds in here since its pretty hard to build and i dont have so much crystals and mythstones .instead i experiment and discover

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Also look for legends that increase ur hp like plague… See codex on where to find them… Electric is weak to poison :wink::wink:

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Keep farming floors that are not boss floors. Especially pack size maps. Make sure to keep discovering combos for possible builds too which may help to defeat those bosses.

Have a look at DQ Build compendium and #gameplay:guides and look at recent builds to really get an idea how to improve DPS.

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thanx. ive used your aftermath build for my wizard. i also died in malum atlvl 190.i dont know how to compute or combine items to make more damage