Need help on bow affix

Good day im a bow rogue … What is beat affix for mh bow 100% wd or 100% elemntal? Cuz im using mutiny right now and i stil got 2x vacuus scipio xtra … Cuz dey say 100% elemntal stil multiply WD .i cant decide need advice tnx

It depends on your build, if it relies more on elemental damage use mutiny, if u r using for example lohko build wd is obviously better

hmm base on the dps formula … mutiny is still better cuz 100% elemental still amplify wd 5000 and also mutiny got defiant set which cant be obtain through amethys… TNX

One more thing is it better to put 4 multi attack ? or 2 multi attack is enough?

4 multi atk is better = 5 arrow

Ya i feel better with 4 multi attack since my play style is hit and run. I guess il stay with 4 multi … I tried using 2 only its feels like somethings not right haha

you can always do a experiment in my old days i only use atk chance not multi hahaha

Best bow for me is the golex gauntlet

looks good because it has crystal affix but sad to say that bow lacks damage.

. why is it that my vacuus scipio only have 75.1k dps…ive seen 100k+ in any related posts…pls help