Need help rerolling my narodji

Hello everyone. I am still pretty new to DQ, so I have been reading a lot on the forums to answer many of my questions. However, I haven’t been able to find anything on how to reroll an item with both set and mythic affixes. I socketed my narodji crown and created an equivalence mythic, but it is really messing up my build. I would like to erase all affixes except for narodji bonuses. Is this possible? Is this a gamble? Thanks in advance.

To remove Equivalence, you will lose everything except Nadroji Bonus. Quartz works from the bottom up.

Thanks! I didnt want to try it without finding out first. Guess I better start looking for another hat, or hope for another narodji crown…

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You can actually remove that all (if you want the bonus), and remake the hat and just use Nadroji affixes from the ring, necklace, or torso. :smile: