Need Help reviving my lovely Lu

Hi Steiger and devs.

First of all, I wanna ask you for a help. My brother played my character (when I fell asleep last night, it’s 7 am here anw) on my phone and hacked the money (2 billions and never decrease!) and devil angel wing and any other vanities which doesn’t belong to me (Installing hack app on my phone, I don’t know what it is, uninstalled it already).
I got angry for him hackin it, he thought the game would be so much easier and my character look much cooler, in fact it’s no cool at all.
I even got angrier when he devilishly smiling when I ask him to change it back to what it was, he can’t! and worse, I have no back up of my new wizard.

So please, fix it for the dungeon quest sake. Change my Gold into 0 (I forgot my total gold, maybe around 700k) and remove wings and any other IAP-ed vanities. I don’t deserve it. (I uploaded it already @

thanks for your attention.
and sorry for ruining our game.

Have a good day.

No worries ichsanization!

I updated your gold for you ( put you back to 700k ), being at 9 billion gold does ruin the fun of the game for sure :smile:

Instead of messing with the IAPs I left them as is, since I don’t have access right now to purchase info or anything like that ( would be where to go for that ).

Thank you for fast response.
I wish I could support you with IAP (not a hacked one), but I don’t have any credit card (yet).