Need help with a Spiritmancer Build

I’m currently building a Spiritmancer (Dracmage, lvl 69), but I’m a little confused on what I should include in my build. I have a Skull of Ignis with Blood Magic, so that’s one of the things I’ll be using… for now. But while I’m building my Spiritmancer, what would be a great build to use for my road to lvl 99 as my Spiritmancer?

Hmm, I’m running a skull spiritmancer. What is the benefit of using blood magic?
Nice on getting The Skull of Ignis. I sold it when it dropped because I was running book summon at the time, but now I’m regretting that sale and waiting for it to drop again.

Blood Magic allows you to use HP to cast spells instead of MP. And trust me, you’re going to need a LOT of HP (and some HP Regen and Leech) to be able to efficiently cast your spells. Oh, and MP regen and leech are replaced with their HP counterparts.

And on an irrelevant side note, I’ve leveled Dracmage to 74 recently. I’ve also switched from a skull build to a minion build after getting the Necrotic Grimoire. Every bit helps, especially with gauntlet weapons like Master’s Grip with the Arcane element.

The MP on gear switch is good to know! I was kinda avoid blood magic because I didn’t know the gear would switch to HP leach, add, ect.

Thank you very much for the info!

With the Skull of Ignis I could attempt a build for you and let you know how it works. It’ll take some time, but I can most definitely try my hardest. Are you looking for an HP/ATK build, Pure HP, or DPS?

I’m looking for a balanced (HP/ATK) build. I have over 40k HP, but only ~10k+ DPS. Sometimes it takes a looong time to kill a Cartographer to me; a balanced build could help me maintain HP AND deal high DPS.

I’ll give it my best then. It may take a bit, and I apologize in advance for that.

It sure has been a while, hasn’t it? Guess I’ll just make this thread active again.

Being a Spiritmancer is very easy to be,however,usually your defense is low as a Wizard so keep that in mind.Also,I do not advise using Blood Magic Affix in your arsenal as it is sometimes becomes your biggest disadvantate.Stick to using your MP.From what I use,I am a Spritmancer whose Main element is Ice and has some Stun Affixes on it.I also use a Proc Affix for Skullshield and other skills since it is very handy for my defense when my minions are nor nearby.Mp and Hp Regen is also a must as well.You can use Blood Magic if you want but I suggest you to use incredible Leech Affixes because most bosses can drain your Hp Fast.Its only base on a player’s gameplay.

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