Need help with build and stuff

So I’m lost in this game. I’m at my second ascension in my main and can farm around 450 legend and 250 mythic 3. I don’t know what should I focus nor how to make a farm build or grind build. My main is a wizard with a twister/reactor build

Why not both? :smiley:

  • Farm Build for Crystals,Legends,Eternal and Mythstone
  • PVE Build is for hiking High Floors…
    -PvP Build is for Arena.

Crushing flames + farm build ftw.

Just salvage enough legends to unlucky crushing flames legends with crushing blow and you’re done. Elemental crit shouldn’t be hard.

By that time, everything will be wrecked easier.

For the farm gear, Eternalized and Crystalline is found at floor 350 M3 or by unlocking in codex via dust.

Then add Luck, Gold find and Item drops in some means.

Like steigers fortune or buccaneer item with item drops.

Fortune 20 and some legend affix +10 fortune found on gear (Eternalized, Crystalline, Satyrs spirit).

I know, but idk how to build it. Like which items I should start with. There are some builds around here but most of them need crystals from floor 500+

If you already found farming gear,especially eternalized…
Just build anyway you like, and back to lower floor, like floor 101+,…
And farming for eternal, if you found an eternal item that you don’t like just convert it for ultra rare crystal…

Since the update reactor isn’t what it used to be. I’d suggest alternative set affexis.

That’s a link to another thread on the forum with “advice” I gave someone last night with a similar issue.