Need help with my ongoing build. tia

As of now this is my set. My problem is, i tried to use barbarian affix with glass cannon almost 100%, momentum (w/alot of ms boosters for damage), ballista, and eternal aetherial drain that i recently got, but i cant use scalp even though i have energy myhtic and have 49000 mp.

Dont mind the discordance mhytic, just wanted to test it out.

Just use fury instead of energy, damage boost and you can always cast your primary skills, would mean you’d hav to use toss a main damage source tho

I use scalp to damge the mobs then toss for boss. I can use toss with 50% barbarian and energy, but i cant use or spam scalp. Im thinking of using desperation instead of energy. I just dont know if it will work.