Need help with wiz build

So I finally created a forum account because I wanted to PM specific people and ask them to give a hand but seems like you can’t send PMs in this forum :confused:
So basically what I want to do is build clogon style archmage proc wizard to duo with my rogue and enter 2v2 arena. I farmed and saved up a lot of resources for it and basically can build everything I want, but I don’t really understand how wizards work and afraid to waste bunch of crystals and get a bad result, wanna get something nice …
So if any pro wizards willing to help me with the build ill prefer if you add me on LINE chat, my ID is - physxcore
or just post here but I think using a chat app is much more comfortable ^^

My suggestion would be playing around with the wiz to see what you like. I have changed mine a few times. (Gear that I found) one min I like one setup the next I’ll like another one. So just try a few setups of your own to see what u like. I’m no pro or do I know a lot about DQ but I do know that everyone style is different. I know this don’t help but this is what im doing when I play. Good luck An happy new year!

The thing is I did play around, I knowI want to build aftermath build, I have some nice eternals, rare legends, nadrojis and a lot of crystals, I just have no idea what stats do I put in (mythics, cyan affixes etc) And im not gonna risk doing something im not sure about because I farmed hard for all the stuff…

Clogon is busy and he won’t be around for awhile. My suggestion is to read every single affix description and imagine what kind of play style would you like, then start crafting your gear.


What he said. It’s all you. Forums are here for some ideas and mechanics. I personally never directly follow a build; it can always he done better.

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