Need help with wizard build

So, I have been playing for about a month now and I have been able to put together some pretty nice items, but I can’t seem to balance my build for loot gathering and any significant dps (currently hitting for about 2 million per second). I could use some ideas on how to significantly boost my damage without missing out on finding good new items. Here is what I am currently using.

Swap your Nadroji hat with an Aether Cover, keep the ED on it and put plagued on it. Put as much Blight on your build as possible. Watch your natures. You can check them in the Codex under Dictionary and change them with Beryl. I recommend having Elements on your gear. Also watch Talents. They’re in the Dictionary as well. I recommend having Wizardry and no Element Crit on your gear since the new cap is 30%.

@Skaul thanks for the tip on elemental crit, didn’t know that. Can you be more specific about elements on my gear?

If you pull up the big screen of your items (by clicking its image), all items have a suffix like “of Protection”. You’ll want “of Elements”. It increases ED by 5%.

Honestly, other than the specifics that I stated, just go for Blight and legendary ED% on your gear. Huge damage modifiers there.