Need help wizard build

Dear @Griffin
Hey, lord of all mages. Can u make a FROZEN,REACTOR,FROSTBITING,EXPLOSIVE,ALL ARCH MAGE build for wizard. I really need it

I don’t think that’s too far off standard reactor builds pretty sure I could figure it out after a little chin scratching but frozen is easily done and frostbiting and explosion can be achieved from crystals. Don’t know the details on explosion if its worth it to stack more then one if even one on your build I would think off the top of my head your sets would be along the lines of frozen/reactor/defiance/ maybe arcane and ascendant or momentum / adventure. Depending on you and how you want to survive pathfinder plagued vamp. Probably cv or cosmic power somthinf to help woth mana and or life Disclourdance for resources. Could go with the epiphany helm(change set and use for bonus only most likely ) stack dodge or block or go dmg and hope you kill super fast or play really wel. If you search forum on guides just type reactor like the top 3 have some solid builds in it really simulare to what you want just change maybe 1 set and your element. As of all arch mage I think that’s the easy part don’t have the talents memorized but go for the ones that are not the ones that buff dots(dmg over time)

Have a look at the Dama Dama no mi build. Expensive for sure but it’s similar to your suggestion. I’m working on a reactor build too but it’s rogue.

I’ve been all about identity recently so anything not from the class I’m on. Spell sword warrior blink mage , mage rogue what ever. Trying to work in eternal mayhem piece with identity for those higher proc and the 2 of them buff your procs/other class spells in theory to do way more dmg you could get in arena since + skills aren’t worth stacking IMO. Like meteor you need lvl 10 to get another meteor witch is insanely easy pve but pvp that’s 4 affix slots (non eternal) it better be really really really awesome for 4 affix slots in arena

Yep too much expensive for DAMA DAMA NO MI BUILD.

I already made one and can confirm it’s true. Well I made rogue version. Will reveal eventually but not now.