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so I want to ask if xbox360 controller works with dungeon quest ? I know if u turn on Hud it shows u option to play with controller and is it possible to connect phone to tv and controller and play dungeon quest on tv with controller?

It depends!

So yes, you can play the game on the TV a few different ways.

  1. Amazon Fire TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick (the alexa version 2016) Google TV, Apple TV, Nvidia Shield, Razer Core, etc. “Set Top Boxes” are the fastest way you can play if you already have one of these devices.

  2. You can play on your phone (android based) by using the “Cast” feature. IF you have a bluetooth controller connected to your phone when it is being cast to the TV then you can play with a Controller and on the TV.

  3. You can air play from your iOS device to an Apple TV as well.

Hmm iam pretty sure I can connect my phone to my tv that needs no devices…
Daniel thanks so much for ur help !

Yup you sure can…use the screen share feature Android or the air play feature on apple devices.

But is it possible to connect Xbox 360 controller and phone to one tv and use it?
I’ll be googling this :slight_smile: just interesting

  1. You would need an android device
  2. You would need an OTG (usb on the go) cable for your android phone. This will be necessary to connect your 360 controller to your device
  3. you would need a tv with an adapter to allow you to cast from your phone to to tv

The 360 controller will not be supported as well as a Bluetooth controller would be. We did development with HID Bluetooth devices we did not do any development for supporting 360 controllers using OTG cables.

But still u didn’t do any development on 360 controller but buttons and other stuff is same it maybe will work idk

Right, some of the buttons will work but since we did not develop with that Controller we do not know how much support it has.

If it works, then that is great :slight_smile: , if it doesn’t work then it would be as designed :wink:

So i have lg smart tv and my android phone 6.0 does not have cast screen weird…

Yeah that is odd for sure! I think android 5.1 and higher supports screen casting. At any rate for android (non samsung TouchWIZ interface) try this:

Pull down with your finger from the top of the screen
Choose the “Cog Wheel” or settings Icon
Choose “Display”
About 1/2 down the list of options you should see “Cast”.

The LG tv should be quick to connect too, your phone should actually pick it up automatically as long as casting is enabled on the tv (I think it is by default)

Wow @tdaniel exceptional service on the weekend. The Dungeon Quest team is so amazing. I’m going pay for a monster spawn boost - maybe I will get an eternal pet. Other players - you can use the Google rewards app to gain credits towards Dungeon Quest IAPs. Keep supporting this great group of developers.

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HA! Thanks, sitting here and watching the PlayStation experience event that is happening this weekend. Street Fighter tournament starts up in an hour or so…got me a REAL action packed night lined up.

Esports, hot chicken wings, and Tax/Book keeping woohoo :slight_smile:

Thanks for the support!!