Need help

Can someone post their builds with main and hireling maxed luck and gold find?

Here: this is for my main.

Here’s for my hireling:

Hope this helped :blush::blush:


Tnx for the info although you didnt max your luck and item drop lol but overall its great

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Yess cuz its hard to have max luck with powerful build in floors 1000+ huhuhuh :disappointed::disappointed::disappointed:

But if i only use my main(without hireling ) it has maxed luck and gold find(1012%) but with hireling its only 900+ luck huhuhuh

Not the build. Lol :laughing:

I can farm at any floors above 2K with full farming affixes tho. With the right set-up everything goes on

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there must be something wrong with your set-up.

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Yup there is definitely wrong with it hahahah but im still figuring it out. Since i dont have much crystals i cant just go and test whatever i want… Huhuh sad
And i need every help i can get… Hahah