Need help


I just started a few days ago im around floor 70 doing maps my highest crystal is bryl and my myth stone is death any tips to get more/better crystals i need the myth stone quest for apocalypse for my legendary sword it has mythical and 22.8% mythology


Mabby just some tips to increase my luck and gold drop? I have 2 characters me and my hireling going in with My hireling’s heroic skill fortune is at level 20 and my warrior is fortune level 29 some one please help


main and hireling characters have average experience, luck, gold, and item pick up rate, with a bonus 100% on the item pick up rate.
luck is the affix that will improve your chances of getting higher tier items like crystals, myth stones, and gear/equipment.
item drop is what increases the amount of what ever you are picking up.
when talking about the average between the main and hireling, lets look at your Fortune skill.
your hireling’s Fortune skill has 50% luck, and the warrior is 72.5% luck. that is 122.5%/2 = 61.25% luck. same for gold find. the item pick up is 61.25% + 100%, I think.
experience works the same way, with the addition of, the bigger the difference between the mains and hirelings levels, there is an experience penalty based on the difference.
my advice is, if you are going to Ascend for the Perks, just focus on getting your experience to 200% for both characters, then farm for experience around levels 100-110. experience from monsters maxes out at level 100. any space left over on your gear is for defeating monsters, and any left over after that is for farming affixes.
there are a lot of posts for main/hireling builds.
I have read one person saying he didn’t get any perks for his hireling, just uses it for farming. many people get the Dealer Perk for their hireling. when you sell the hirelings items, Dealer lets the hireling sell items for 1,000% of their worth.


As of today both my characters are level 90 with a average luck and gold of 500% (650% is max) what are the perks of accending? I know it starts you back at level 1 but why do it?


Perks are awesome. Check the dictionary for perks in your codex for a full description


you don’t really need Perks, but if you want your farming for what ever you are farming for to be easier, then Perks make farming easier.

before I picked my Perks, I thought real hard about it. and it helped that I was able to read what others have said on the subject. and you’re right, to each their own. when we Ascend with our first character, we choose what we want. even I changed my mind for my next character, because actually picking a Perk, and seeing how it affected my game play, helped me to see what is important to me, and I am sure it is the same for every one else. that’s what makes DQ so cool :sunglasses:, there are so many directions you can take to get where you want to go in the game. when it comes to choosing the first Perk, it is all about what is important to you in the early game.
Fortunate: 200% boost to gold found and luck. more gold and better loot.
Treasured: if you want to get Crystal or Eternal Legends early in the game, this is a big help.
Dealer: 1,000% boost to the gold you get when you sell your items. this one is all about the gold!
Accomplished: reduces the requirements to complete the Feats that give you Hero Points and the rewards that come with completing them by 25%. this is for those who like the idea of a lot of Hero Points to power up their Skills and getting those rewards a lot faster.
Enshrined: you go from 1 Shrine and Pool to 2 Shrines and a Pool. not only that, most of the Shrines increase their bonus 300%. so any Shrine that gives a 25% bonus is now giving a 100% bonus. (getting 2 of the same Shrines doesn’t give a double bonus, like if you got 2 Experience Shrines, you don’t get 200% experience bonus, just 100%)
Hunter: this spawns 1-3 Epic Shrine Guardians at each Shrine when you activate that Shrine. the Monster Shrine is 2-4 Guardians. Epic monsters are tougher to beat, but you get more and better loot, and if you are Ascending, more experience than Normal monsters.
the Codex explains what the Perk bonus do, and the Forums have a lot of discussions about which order is best to put them in, but only you, the player, can choose which is best for you.


Codex has certainly improved since the last time I read it. More useful than ever before but I use both the forums and codex to get as good as I’ve gotten.

Awesome post and tips.


Perks can easily be replaced by sets and mythword items eg Eternal , christaline, hunter rings , nadroji etc. However you sacrifice a lot of killing power because all your items are geared to finding things. Perks are independent of equipped items. So you can create a very powerfully destructive farmer using perks because your equipment can safely be crafted to destroy enemies


Okay i think i get it but i started over on my phone what class would be best overall for early game? :slight_smile:


Difficult question . I’d say summoner because you have an army. So apocalypse weapon, and a tome for command and spirits.


when I first started DQ, I ended up with Wizard. I felt like it was the best one to start with. it starts with a Staff, which has Comet Skill. the Comet hits for damage, and then explodes in an AOE for more damage, hitting multiple targets if they are close enough. Wizard also starts out with an Orb, so you can Teleport out of trouble if you need to. Rogue Starts with a Bow that shoots seeking arrows, and has the ability to Vault around out of trouble when needed. Warrior starts with a Sword, but the Shield does more damage, and knockbacks enemies, giving a little breathing room when needed. in the end, it is playing style and which class you want to level up and put cool items on.


Yup. Also i remember using my second character rogue when bows used to have super long range and defeating floors and enemies so easily from long range which made rogue quite cool. Though rogue is still good today of course.


when I first used Rogue, I loved using Chakrams! so cool! but they were hard to use and didn’t go with my play style at all. but they are so cool! I am still learning a good play style, and now that I know more about Crafting, I think I can make a Build that is easier to use with my play style. when I am done Ascending my second Wizard, Ascending a Rogue is next.


I like blinkstrike but you really need a powerful build or its game over in a second