Need help!

Which one is better in arena ? Ed or Wd???

@Juiceflux ED. if you craft your build with both. much better? just like mine.


I have only one slot on each weapon so i have to choose between Ed and wd , i’ll go for Ed Thanks! :smile:

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it isn’t about WD or ED in the Arena. it is about % vs +. put +5000 WD on the Weapon you plan on using the most, and +5000 ED on the other Weapon. umm, I guess if you only have 1 slot each on the weapons, then go with ED, that way both Weapons have +10,000 ED, the first thing I said only gives one Weapon +10,000 DMG and the other +5000 DMG. of course, these numbers are scaled down to 1040 each in Arena.