Need help

How to delete nadroji bonus afffixe on head?

I think Kyanite will do

Cant delete usung kyanite

Quartz is the only way. the downside is that it deletes a random number of affixes, so you might end up going through more than one Nadroji Chest/Head to get one without a bonus but with the affixes you want to keep that can’t be rolled with Crystals.

the only affixes Quartz doesn’t work on are the Seven Deadly Sins Curse affixes.

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it might be better to get a Nadroji Ring or Necklace, which don’t have the Bonus, unless your build really needs a Nadroji Head Item without the Bonus affix.

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Whatever @Golem says :grin:

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:blush: stop! you’re making me blush!

there are some Bonus affix Items that I have thought of using Quartz on, but I’ve always found a way to Craft a Build some other way to get the same affixes. the longer I keep Crafting, I’m eventually going to have a Build with an Item that had the Bonus Quartz’d off.

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