Need improvement on my build


Hello all. I am running blast with multi attack, skull shield with explosive, earthshattering proc, metoer proc, and summon proc. Because im using blast, i am constantly pressing on the attack button which at the same time metoer and earthshattering kept proc. As for skull shield it act as a support dps for my blast.
As for now, i am able to clear mythic 2 with ease. I am currently in stage 113 and my character level is 78. I am seeking pros in this game to help me improvement in my build. I am unable to upload the rest of my screenshots as i am a new user…
Thanks in advance.

keep lots of crystal first

Go to codex seek for weapons which u like, farm like hell although i wont be long for u to find awesome items i think, farm for crystals dont be tempted to use rare crystals just keep them then when u havr enough craft items for a stronger build