Need my question answered asap

I recently started playing dq not too long ago and was happy with the new updates. I moved to iOS and started new characters I’m about 2 days in on building all 3 of my characters. My problem is when I tried making my dq account I forgot to add .com at the end. Example “” is what I put (that’s not actually my email) my question is if I make a new dw account will all my characters disappear and be deleted?

im not sure bout thia but i think ur char wont be deleted if u save ur account in a new dq cloud account . but just to be sure try contacting the support team first by emailing

Yes, I just emailed support but I haven’t gotten an answer yet. Thank you for your reply. I don’t know if I should take the risk it was a simple mistake but then again for you guys 3 days non stop of grinding my 3 characters isn’t anything to stress about but for me it’s upsetting. @roykiyoy

@Arcynical haha i know how u feel im so addicted also in this game. losing ur previous data will be sad. but im sure supportteam will advice you what to do … they always help me since i always contact them whenever i got problems. nc meeting you dude

Of course man, is there a way we could privately message each other? I’d like to hear your progress on dungeon quest. @roykiyoy


If you already have an active account then you want to create a new one. Automatically when you clear all the datas on your DQ to put a new DQ Account, your Account Progress will be gone also.

You cant use a new DQ Account when there is a existing one… The only way to use new one is to clear all datas on your DQ.
Settings - App - Dungeon Quest - Clear Data = All Account Progessed that doesnt save will be ERASED.

Thank you, I fixed it and I’m continuing my grind I appreciate your support. @marwinberna

@Arcynical hi you can see our progress here in the forum itself me and other active players are always active in the forum. well for me i always check my forum atleast every 30mins or 1hr ilove communicating w/ fellow dq addicts haha … as for my progress im currently lvl 99 eternal on my main pve bow rogue lvl 61 warrior (just reach rank 1 eternal div1 league in pvp) just today haha
if u got any questions regarding the game infos just post it in forum ders lot of knowledgeable people here that are willing to spend time answering them

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Sweet, I just got legend rank on my Mage not long ago but I don’t know how long I have till eternal and how do I get eternal end game items? Should I wait for my character to reach 99? My wizard is 38 I believe but I’m just trying to push for floor 100+ for the better loot I’m hearing people say. @roykiyoy

@Arcynical for every 100 floor the chance of dropping crystal will higher and its rarity.(max at 500floor) as for items some ultra rare legends drop on floor 200+ higher u can check it on codex. best way to farm ultra rare
legend items is floor 600+ since u will have a chnace to get them all in der but rarely. as for end game items eternal items are good but in this game u need to build ur own end game items … u can be very strong using legend items if u put right legend and crystal affix on it. depends really on ur build and what u prefer … i usually convert all my eternal items to ultra rare legends crystals so that i can make new builds. if u want to farm eternals go hunt shrines w/hunter mythic or hunter perk spam them kill epic enimies in order for legend>mythic enemy to spwn it drop eternalitems… btw have u tried ascending already?it can be found in shop when u got lvl99 u can ascend to earn perma farming buff and game buffs but ull reset ur hero lvl to 1. xp required to lvl gets higher the more u ascend . u can ascend till 7th times thats what they call eternal ascend.

@Arcynical if u got decent build u can reach mythic then eternal league easily bit you need to lvl ur char first … once ull be der the hardest part will be climbing to the top of the legue since ull be facing strong people w/ good build. once u understand the meta of pvp i bet u can reach the top too just work hard goodluck

I really appreciate your time and generosity with giving me good advice I’m still learning the game but most of it is confusing I’m saving all my myth stones and crystals for whatever or at least when I find a ilvl100 item. I haven’t ascended yet because I haven’t even hit level 40 on my wizard lol and all my other characters are about level 26-35 @roykiyoy

@Arcynical its ok i have nothing to do anyways haha… just keep xploring the game and have fun btw u can lvl up any item into lvl100 using peridot crystal. try to read some guides here in forum like … skaul tips and trick guide almost all info for beginners and advance are der just find it