Need some help in pvp

im stucked at mythic bracket and i cant go higher. can someone share me a good set build for pvp. im stucked at 1000matchmaking pts :cry: btw my character is rogue.

@spectralX use chakram w/ cosmic orb. use vial/bomb oh w/ enegma mythic (optional).
ruptured chest.
santuary amulet

resource systme: fury/bloodmagic are good for rogue.

important set affixes : defiant, living force, plague, vamparic touch, fauns gift (if u stack luck great hp boost), pathfinder(if u got high dodge%), cerebral vortex(mandatory). overload (optional)

import affixes.
reflec dmgx1
hp 10000 4-6x
ed5000 3-7x
persevrance 40-120%.
wd5000x2 (mh and oh)
100%wd (optional)
100%ed (optional)
stun/blind/frozen/taunt (optional) choice base on opponents ur facing.(my toon got frozen and stun immune)
pushlimit- (optional) good dmg multiplier
barbarian -(optinal)

element: lightning (good stacking dmg debuff does not rely on elemcrit) use fire of u go fire/bleed build(can be easily counter though w/ 80-120% perseverancw.

nature ; of all element or of haste ur choice
mh special : twister or storm
oh special : scalp

crystalnaffix : gett all defensive affixes in ur all gears such as dodge, hp%, luck(fauns gift), hp on hit(1x very important),armor, all resist

im top 1 at eternal legue using rogue charkram sometimes warrior toss build.
dis are just my suggestions base on my xperience.

gameplay: just spam boomerang and cosmic orb w/ living force will do the killing spam also scalp if target goes close to you just vault away (if ur using bomb).

hope dis help goodluck

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im gonna try this build.tnx for the help bro.

is push the limit affix can be rolled from ruby?

u cant roll it from ruby. u can get it from cerebral vortex gears and masochism amulet

How did he get push the limit on ring if you can’t roll it?

@Nightbladejay cognition ring has a default affix push limit and ed% he just change other affixes.

as for nadjori dont have push limit default affix on it

Ahh ok which class is the ring was looking and could not find it most off over looked it

cognition usually drop from wiz clas.

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i have to start farming those items. like defian cerebral vortex. they can’t be rolled from amethyst right?


Thanks a lot :smiley:

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