Need some help PVP building

im now currently testing build to make pvp build.

  1. 100% ice damage

  2. 100% frostbiting
    is this affix can help in pvp?

  3. is it damage to elite 25% is good in pvp?

  4. execute damage and double damage are also good in pvp?

sorry for some question im already noob in pvp building

im currently testing the LOHKO build the current dps so far in dummy is 300k+

  1. No
  2. No
  3. No
  4. No

LOHKO build is kinda outdated
And about affixes, in pvp u want to use flat affixes like 5000 elemental damage

oh thank you bro yup im currently fixing LOHKO build the highest DPS so far in dummy is 300k+ and i have 6 slot remaining.

are you building also @flasher13 a bow rogue for pvp?

yup im on pvp build now, i will stop in pve build but i will update the previous build on highest floor it can reach im currently floor 4.1k m3 and counting so far all of my build is doing well :grin:

@flasher13 I’m also busy now building my rogue bow build for pvp… hehehe good luck !!! I’m in epic leagu now… hehehe…

im in mythic league :grin: after 7hours

Get 5000 ed and 7500 hp on every gear/ item also ur pet


Why it took so long to get to mythic league?

im in eternal league :grin: but need to rest and adjust the build cannot kill tanky warrior in eternal league always draw sometimes defeats or need play-style its my 1st time in pvp :relaxed:

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even the balance lohko build cant kill tanky warrior :expressionless: need some experiment again

Dont just copy others make ur ideas too, thats how i got to eternal league so fast… By making my own ideas and combining it with others. Just know the basics.

Same here. It’s been the case for me two times. One back in a year ago. The other now with discordance orb.

yup i made a tanky lohko build can stand in mythic league i consider it as a prototype build yet because it has not complete yet that is why i called it balance lohkoh build i think its damage reduction is around 95% and the power is around 700-850


I knew that was a possibility :smile: . Congrats.

yeah i made it to be balance burns lots of crystal and some valuable items

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Every powerful build burns crystals so much and expensive build in general.

I know right also burns lots of gold