Need some help PVP building

i burn a lot 3x try before i adjust it to its balance form :joy: but it burns my crystal need to farm and also cost 1.3b gold for converting :sweat:

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Hahaha good luck to you dudev

@flasher13 wow… me I’m still in mythic league because I don’t have enough time to play… and still I’m using pve build because I cant finish my set because I don’t have many crystals… :frowning:

Tips :

Having high DMG in Arena doesnt mean you can kill Brainless Tanks easily…

In Eternal League,
Rogues can deal 100k Crit DMG on Skulldraga. :angry:
Warrior cant be killed on Round 1😕
Wizard becomes Immortal :triumph:

The Best Playstyle to win in PvP is to Dodge every DMG that enemy blows while you DMG them without hitting you.

CV + Terrashaper + Earthquake or Cosmic Orb Combos are better .

Don’t focus on Crits, Deadly Strikes, Crushing Blows because when you just relying on crits your just a meat waiting to be butchered.

Dont think to make Immortal Build.
Immortal Build already have leakage in Eternal League :sweat_smile: You can build on your own. But Its just nothing but Immortal.

Don’t try to make Very High HP and Low Power or High Power Low HP you just gonna destroying your Character…

Just Balance… 500k HP and 1000 Power is OK. :joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::joy::wink::wink::wink::wink:

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5000elemdmg,PTL, barbarian is good when it talks about power then in hp try having luck in your gear and dont forget faun’s gift and also Balance and total hp is a must… then to prevent bleed or elemdot try having perseverance ma fren :slight_smile:

@flasher13 you used MP regen crystal affix in your pvp build? thanks for the reply…

In my new account I just spend 6 games from normal league and finaly to eternal league and it takes more or less 20 mins but i don’t know the reason why.

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Thats because u win every match or lose just a few times… But as you go higher the less points you get in winning. Sometimes when you are faced between a powerful enemy in the begining, usually it gives you more points. Ive experienced having given about 50+ points even 100+ it really depends.

What League are you? I want to test your character guts. :sweat_smile: just bit bored in Eternal League. I want a fight like the Movie “Rocky Balboa” easy to knockdown but giving happy fight. I dont like fighting Guns vs Tanks, you just dodge DMG of Tanks and wait till you have luck to shot the engine. :joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat::joy_cat:

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What is your Character name? Can I try your Character Build :blush:

Ill check heheh wait

Im on div seven hahahaha i havent played in a while

Is that Eternal League ? . Im at Div 3 I will wait you here :slight_smile:

Sorry but i wont play arena for now heehehe im still very busy with my outside life hahahaah but maybe soon ill tweek my toon enough to reach div 1

ExtraHot Ma fren im at div1 right now :slight_smile:

74k HP and 650 power for me is Ok but then again I run Hunger+ orbs. My orb build is similar to rogue battlemage build but the difference is that no battlemage is used since it would ruin the discordance orb combo since it’s no longer possible to have discordance affect MH% procs . That’s if I set the A.I correctly too but I would be able to vault super fast therefore getting away from CV easily and I could even attempt using CV but I don’t want to.

You said before you dont have CV what is your anti skill ? Earthshatter?

I don’t use earthshatter at all from thing like Terrashaper or so. I’m happy with the build I made as it is . I can see a nerf to CV since it’s so annoying (I hope I am calling it) and because of how easy and widely used it has become and I’d rather not risk it.

+1 to your unli blind build. It makes me irritated. :blush:

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